Efficient FTL Shipping Services for Canada & U.S.A.

Horizon Fast Freight prides itself on offering services with client satisfaction at heart. We have spent years building contacts, establishing connections, and ensuring all aspects of our service can be catered to your individual needs.

Our Full Truckload services are used by clients across North America. Find out more about them below.

What is Full Truckload (FTL) Service?

Often shortened to FTL, full truckload service requires, as the name suggests, the full trailer for one shipper’s material or freight. When using our full truckload service, one trailer is dedicated to one load, regardless of how much space the shipment takes up.

This means you do not share the trailer you booked with freight from other shippers, like an LTL shipment. FTL service allows for faster transit times & strict delivery appointments, dedicated trailers to your loads, and maximization of the amount of freight a shipper can move on the road.

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Why Choose FTL Shipping in Canada and the USA?

Using FTL shipping comes with a few benefits. These include the following:

  • FTL shipments tend to incur less damage than LTL shipments. This is because there are fewer stop-points along the way. With fewer drop-off locations, nothing is moved around on the journey.
  • FTL freight shipping is much quicker. LTL shipments tend to require multiple drop-off locations, but with a full truckload, your shipment only has one stop; its destination.
  • FTL shipping can be used for multiple types of shipments. Usually, high-risk shipments aren’t allowed to be transported on the same truck, and hazardous, delicate, large, or non-stackable cargo causes difficulties when using LTL shipping. This means that using FTL is often the most suitable choice.

While there are benefits to this type of shipping, there are drawbacks too. Whether you’re new to the logistics industry or have been using logistics suppliers for a while, we can give you all the information you need to understand the service entirely.

We can guide you toward the most suitable service for your load using our ample knowledge of the industry. Our expertise and established role within the logistics industry means you can depend on us to get your shipment from A to B with minimal fuss and no damage.

Don’t hesitate to contact a team member if you want more clarity on what FTL shipping is and why it is the best choice for your shipment.

Why Work With Horizon Fast Freight for Full Truck Load Shipping?

Horizon Fast Freight is a family-owned and operated business in Canada. With our extensive experience in the supply chain logistics industry, we have established valuable contacts to ensure the seamless movement of your shipments. Our winning combination of competitive pricing, top-tier service, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction guarantees a smooth journey for your goods from one destination to another.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, so if ever you’re unhappy with our service, we aim to resolve it as swiftly as possible. Our services are catered to your individual needs because we know that no two shipments are the same.

We’re a dependable team with the knowledge and expertise to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Are you seeking someone to handle your FTL logistics in Canada or the USA? Horizon Fast Freight has got you covered.

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