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The type of service you choose should maximize efficiency and cost savings. At Horizon Fast Freight, we have plenty of experience to guide you to the best service for your needs.

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Our family-owned business has made a name for itself within the logistics industry. We use our knowledge of supply chain and transportation services to ensure that any and all logistics management services we offer are exemplary.

Our mission is to ensure client satisfaction, so we’ll provide a quote that pairs your freight with the best service for the job.


Selecting the most suitable service is just as important as choosing the right equipment, but knowing exactly what you need can be challenging. You’ll have access to the expertise and knowledge of our team members to help guide your decision.

You can look at our services below to learn more about what’s available or contact our team to request a quote. We’ll always discuss your shipment’s details, going in-depth to ensure we get the right equipment for the job.

Logistics Services Offered by Horizon Fast Freight in Canada and the USA

Our third-party logistics services cover a wide range of needs. We’ve detailed them below so that you can better understand each of them.

Cross Border and Domestic Logistics

This service involves freight movement from Canada into the USA and vice versa. We can operate on both sides of the border to ensure your freight gets from A to B seamlessly. Horizon Fast Freight has established relationships with customs brokers to ensure your shipments clear quickly.

Expedited Shipping

Offered as a service within a service, usually for FTL or LTL services, expedited shipping prioritizes your freight over others. It can help you meet deadlines and deliver your shipment to its destination on time.

Full Truckload (FTL)

Usually shortened to FTL, this service requires the full trailer of your shipper’s material or freight. You won’t share the trailer you have booked, allowing for much faster transit times than other services.

Heavy Haul and Oversized Load Services

Heavy haul or oversized load trucks are used when a client needs to ship something over legal dimensions or weight restrictions. This specialized service requires a proper understanding of equipment, industry expertise, and knowledge of local regulations.

Hotshot Services

Our hotshot service allows same-day shipping and uses a dedicated trailer to deliver freight directly to meet your deadlines.


Rail or intermodal services facilitate the movement of shipping containers by using a range of transportation methods.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

LTL is a service used when your load doesn’t require an entire trailer. We can load your shipment with others on the same trailer. It is usually slower as many deliveries are made on one route.

Moffett (Trailer-Mounted Forklift)

A specialized service within the logistics industry, these forklifts are used for material handling that requires an alternative solution. The Moffett is an ideal solution if delivery locations don’t have a forklift available.

Over-the-Road (OTR)

OTR is one of the most commonly used shipping methods today. It is a type of long-haul service that moves freight for far distances across provincial, state, and national borders.

Overnight Storage

Before reaching its final destination, your freight will likely need to be stored overnight. We use secure storage yards to keep your shipment safe and protected overnight.


This service is used when an on-site vehicle moves a trailer within its current location. It is often used to manage space to avoid interference with other trailers on a site.

Trailer Rentals

We offer trailer rentals to clients who need them for various projects. You can discuss your project with us to ensure this is the most suitable service for your needs.

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For all your logistics needs, you can employ the freight services of Horizon Fast Freight. We have all the solutions you will need for logistics and inventory management, and we can advise you on all of our services to find the one most suited to your needs.

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